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The honorable hall of literature with 60-years history

Founded in May 1953, department of Creative Writing of CAU is one of the oldest in the country. From the start, the program has emphasized the role that intellectual curiosity plays in literary creation and has aimed to bring together creative and critical thinking to the benefit of both. We are now one of the most lively and vibrant centers for the literary arts in Korea. Creative Writing is designed to be trained and study for the literary theory and productivity of Korean literature, synthetically at the level of world literature. Aim at the profound study in various phenomena of human existence and its significance in our world, and the figuration into a literary expressions. In the 21st Century of digital culture, to fit into the new era, we are being an educational institutions related to the brand new digital media and contents. In conclusion, through the words, we foster students to have a passion and individuality with an affection for the world and human-beings.


Literature is the oldest culture for the human-beings. Creative Writing is the first department who teaches creation. We suggest the whole new way of learning literature. From the Classic to the Contemporary, our only purpose is teaching and learning literature with a wide expressions and a deep comprehensions. Literature is various and flexible than any other genres. Altruistic sentiments, insatiable curiosity, furthermore, love and respect to the words are our virtue.


  1. Training talented individuals who will be charged of professional study of literature and creation at the literary circles and universities.
  2. Facing the transit to the digital culture, be prepared with the ability and the knowledge of writing.
  3. Cultivate students with the highest writing proficiency to be contributed to our society.


Our graduates enter a wide variety of fields. Some are professional poets, novelists, critics, screen writers, writers in broadcasting, journalists, producers, or workers in development or publicity within the book industry. Others have successful careers at publications such as translators, editors, copywriters, etc.

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